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Kedvenc Lady Midnight-os idézeteim

  • "Shh." She waved a hand at him. "There are people here who'd cut your throat for two fifties and sell your blood as dragon fire."

  • Emma clapped her hands in excitement. Her boyfriend said her name again, warningly, but Kit could have told him he was wasting his time. He'd never seen a teenager girl this excited about anything - not famous actors, not boy bands, not jewelry. This girl was practically vibrating to pieces over the idea of a dead body.

  • "Julian, Julian, Julian" echoed Cristina in a teasing voice. "Julian is a painter, Julian is a genius, Julian would know how to fix this, Julian could build that. You know, for the past seven weeks I've heard so many wonderful things about Julian I'm starting to worry that when I meet him I will fall in love with him instantly."

  • "Mundanes think everything is satanic cult activity," said Malcolm. "Most cults are actually in service of completely different demons than Lucifer. He's quite famous and very hard to reach. Rarely does favors for anyone. Really an unrewarding demon to worship."

  • He breathed out. "Emma." Raw pain. "Emma, I said what I said because - because sometimes I think I asked you to be my parabatai because I wanted you to be tied to me. The Consul wanted you to go to the Academy and I couldn't stand the thouht. I'd lost so many people. I didn't want to lose you, too."

  • "I am sorry your protection rune failed you," Julian said, and his voice was low and careful, and emma had never wanted to put her arms around him so much as she did then, as he faced his brother in the ocean - washed oonlight, his heart in his eyes. His hair was a tangle, his soft curls like question marks against his forehead. "But there are other kinds of protection. Your family protects you. We will always protect you, Mark. We won't let them make you go back."

  • "Captain America is definitely the most handsome Avenger," said Cristina. "But I like the Hulk. I would like to heal his broken heart."

  • "Love's supposed to make you happy, isn't it? It's not supposed to hurt?"

  • "I did it for entirely selfish reasons," he said. "You were my escape, Emma. You were my way away from everything terrible. When I was with you, I was happy."

  • "If she died," Julian went on in the same flat voice, "I would want to die. I know that's not healthy. But it's the truth."

  • "I love everything about you, Emma. I love the way I can recognize your footsteps in the hallway outside my room even when I didn't know you were coming. No one else walks or breathes or moves like you do. I love the way you gasp when you're asleep, like your dreams have surprised you. I love the way when we stand together on the beach our shadows blend into one person. I love the way you can write on my skin with your fingers and I can understand it better than I could understand someone else shouting in my ear. I didn't want to love you like this. It's the worst idea in the world that I love you like this. But I can't stop. Believe me, I've tried."

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